LightShape Studio

We focus on the creativity in designing and carrying out the audio-visual product in the media industry in Vietnam


    We are looking forward to create a strategic network includes professional members in: Interactive media, Movie, Animation and Advertising, particularly those related to audio-visual products. In order for our team to produce through-the-line strategic creative solutions, we develop and execute those ideas in potential markets through quality audio-visual products for our clients.


    We have a simple mission:
    “Working with our clients in delivering their masterpiece to worldwide.”
    We aim at punctuality, efficiency and collaborative working environment. We all sit together, discuss and using our skills to benefit our clients.


    During the first year, we have gained many experience in collaborating and working with different clients around Ho Chi Minh city. We won 3 different awards for our work through local film competition including SCI-FI Project organized Cloud 9 Production in 2013 and Neptune’s Tet Family Reunion Film Competition in 2014.









Our Clients & Partners

We are pleased to work with:

Our Clients & Partners

Lightshape fine team

With enthusiasm, passion and creativity.

Light Shape Production has been founded since 2014 by a group of designers and creative from RMIT Vietnam, who shared the same passion and desire to explore the world of digital art. With the foundation of Southern Digital Films succeeding between 2013 and early 2014, we has expanded to a wider range of projects, such as Video, Websites, Branding Identities, Animations etc.

Quang Trung


Quang Trung |kwɒŋ trung| Trung is a photographer who has been working on to create wonderful photographic products. Trung also has experienced as a Jr Producer at JWT Vietnam. His work at JWT help him to be the link between the Production House and the Agency. Trung love photography and he is the photographer & executive producer of Lightshape Studio. His work is the crucial link between Lightshape Studio and our beloved customers.

Cat Tuong


Cat Tuong |kæt tuong| Graduated from RMIT Vietnam, Tường has a deep passion in filmmaking. Started his career as a video editor and moving up to cinematographer and director. With experience working as various position in film crew, Tường is truly a multitasking filmmaker.

Dinh Chuong

General Manager

Chuong |dɪn chuong| accomplished his Bachelor of Design Degree from RMIT University in 2012. His experience in video production and producing media content over the past 2 years including Video Editor, Producer, VFX Editor for a variety of projects. He is now the Line Producer of Lightshape Studio, managing and finding resource to work on the client’s need.

Kevin Yung

Business Developer

Kevin Yung |kɛvɪn jəŋ| graduated from RMIT University with his Bachelor of Design Degree in 2013. Kevin focused on the development of the business in creating media content for the client. Kevin has been working in various business environment and enjoy to create and discuss business ideas with potential clients. He is now Lightshape’s Account Manager in charge of business development for our group.

Huan Nguyen

Production Coordinator

Huan Nguyen |hwɑn nujɛn| has been working a variety of projects and experienced in the media industry when working for TYA Vietnam. Becoming a director assistant in the film “Số Độc Đắc”, the 1st Prize Winner of 48HFP 2012, his skills and knowledge in video production help him to become Lightshape’s Production Manager to make sure everything on set run smoothly without a single glitch.

Services we provide

We focus on the creativity in designing and carrying out the audio-visual product in the media industry in Vietnam.

With our passion, knowledge and experience, we are willing to share and contribute to the Creative Communities in Vietnam as well as providing high quality services that satisfy domestic and oversea clients.

Corporate Video Production

We will help you to tell the story of your brand to the customers.

Every corporate video produced, no matter the scale or genre, is designed to convey its message in a convincing and relatable way.

At Lightshape Studio, we understand the need to tell a story more than just a product. We help our client to presents their ideas in the most visually interesting and professional way

  • TVC
  • Viral
  • Corporate Event
  • Introduction

Film Making

A good story is what an audience feel when they are reading a book, but a good storyteller enhance the audience's creative mind even further. That's why we are making film

We believe that an ordinary thing has an extraordinary story, we are proud of sharing its story to inspire everyone.

With current awards in film making locally we are proud to be able to push forward to create more extraordinary film for the public and enhance our skills in storytelling

  • Short Film
  • Music Video
  • City Timelapse

Brand / Web Design

As we said, every aspect of the story will be covered, not only the motion part but also the stills

We present to our you a solution for your brand from creating the best brand image possible and enhance it to inform your client more information about yourself, it is made possible by our great web and design team.

We do all kind of graphic which includes CI, websites, catalogues and brochures.

  • Website
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Photography

Our process

We believe in creating an experience for our clients rather than just a product.

The best idea creates the extraordinary story. The success of almost every project we produce, hinges on a compelling concept and a well-conceived script.
The successful products come from the meticulous preparation. The script is visualized through storyboard and animatic to make the effective workflow.
Shooting ON SET
Professional crew and modern equipment works diligently in producing valuable footages.
Post Production
Having an efficient post production workflow, it will greatly enhance the final product to meet the clients’ expectations

Some of the projects we worked on

A fine selection of some projects we worked on.

We are always ready to accept new challenges in the creative industries to fulfill clients’ needs. Here are our completed products/projects:

Short Film
Music Video
Corporate & Viral
Brand & Web
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